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Challenge Based Learning

October 28, 2012

Our little field trip around KMUTT

We were given a short ‘field trip’ around KMUTT Bangmod campus on Monday 22nd of October in Gen241 Beauty of Life class. For our group, sub-group 33, we went to the red engineering building to listen to the lecture about fan and motor first while other group went to the library.

Together with the Arjarns and lecturer, we went to see the actual fan. It has the diameter of 2.6 meters and it is really old. The fan paddles are long and thin.




We also saw an old electric motor, which can hardly be found anywhere else these days. It can produce up to 30 kilowatt (or about 40 power horse). The motor uses an old technique of magnetic power unlike nowadays that use electronic signals.






The huge pipe used to transfer the fan power has the diameter of 1.22 meters. [In the picture, Arjarn Sakol and Arjarn Pong were measuring the diameter] The longer the tube, the higher the speed of the wind and the stronger it is, however, the price increases as the tube length increases as well. That’s the reason why huge pipes are not very popular… they are expensive.





Secondly, we went to see the museum at the second floor of KMUTT library. We were given a brief history of the place before we were led inside the room with King Rama 9 images and paintings.






Many small holes of mirrors are embedded onto a wall as decorations around the room. Because the room has no window at all, the mirrors are used to reflect the lights inside. They brighten up the room and add dimension to the space.






This is a painting of King Rama 9 which we like most. Most of our group members are architecture students and therefore, this painting is pretty interesting. It is an oil painting full of details and it looks very realistic. The cloth, lighting, and even wrinkles on the face look like they are going to pop out from the painting.

Then, we walked to another room which contains old books, the crown, and stuff that relates to KMUTT history. The room is well-docorated with each precious object shown inside a glass box. For example, this crown of King Mongkut which is really well preserved.



The crown is an original one; it was used by King Mongkut long time ago. It is beautifully decorated with jewelry and gems.








These are the development of KMUTT student uniform from the past up until now. On the upper right corner is a design of the graduation gown. The reason why it’s red red is because the birthday of King Mongkut is on Sunday.







Big Idea Video

Concept:  King Mongkut (Rama 4)


1. To motivate the audience, especially students in KMUTT, to pay respect and honor King Mongkut’s contributions toward the university.

2. To educate the audience about King Mongkut and KMUTT.


First, we watched the Challenge Based Learning videos and took notes of the slide show in class on Monday. We collected the examples and ideas from the lecture.

Second, we brainstormed our big ideas. We used a social network, Facebook and Whatsapp messenger, to communicate with each other in order to get the idea.

Third, we divided our group into three teams:

Team 1 (Frank, Jin, Gift, Plawarn, Aim): Finish the Challenge Proposal Storyboard and gather information and images

Team 2 (Memi, Yo): Do the Big Idea video

Team 3 (Mei, Jean, Nice): Upload wordpress

Team 1 went around the campus to look for the topic that interest them and ended up with two choices: library and King Mongkut. We decided to pick King Mongkut because the topic is easier to research on. Then, team 1 brainstormed the questions and list them down. Here are our listed questions..

Why the portraiture of King Mongkut stands in front of KMUTT campus? 

How is he important to KMUTT and its long history? 

Have you ever thought about ‘Which king of Thailand committed himself to bring forward modernized ideas about technology and science to our country?’

What if King Mongkut did not pay interest to technology and science? What would happen to our university? Will KMUTT even exist?

How can we honor the contributions of King Mongkut toward our university?

What representation in KMUTT can we use to pay respect to King Mongkut?

How can we tell others about the importance of King Mongkut toward KMUTT?

As a KMUTT student, if you could do anything in return to King Mongkut’s great contribution, would you do it? What would you do? 

Would you tell the whole campus about it?

Do you have faith in King Mongkut?

How could you use your knowledge about King Mongkut to improve KMUTT?

What can you do to be apart of the improvement?

Would you make a change even if you were a small part of it?

Team 1 then handed the storyboard and information gathered to team 2 so they can made the video using imovie.

Fourth, team 2 began making the video. Because team 2 is composed of two communication design students, the video was done quite quickly and easily.

Fifth, after the video was done. Team 3 began to upload a wordpress blog.

Sixth, we are done!! Ready to submit to Arjarn

Challenge Proposal Storyboard Worksheet


– In the very beginning, we were really confused about the instructions. We didn’t know what to do and we did not have a clear image about the project. We had to come together, brainstorm, and consult Arjarn in order to get a clearer picture of the project.

– The problem about team members staying at different campus was dealt this time due to the usefulness of social network. Because the project can be done separately, it is easier to finish.

– Working on video production was a bit struggling because it can be worked only on one computer. We have to set a date to meet up and finish the video production is one sitting.


“Cutting and making of video was really fun because the job is right inside our field of communication design.”

– Chatrinya [Memi] #55120500608 and Alongkorn [Yo] #55120500640

“I think choosing the big idea is hard.”

– Watcharee [Gift] #54271520

“Once we brainstormed and were able to reach the conclusion, the work became much easier.”

-Jindapa [Jin] #54271802 and Peerawat [Frank] #54271811

“This project is better because we can work separately.”

– Suvee [Plawarn] #55120500036

“It makes me realize how much social network like facebook and help us to work faster.”

– Panchanit [Jean] #55120500239 and Chalita [Meii] #55120500209

“At first, I didn’t understand the project at all but I’m glad my friend explained it to me”

– Surachada [Aim] #55120500058

“Gathering information for wordpress is easy when we work in process step by step.”

– Thanvadee [Nice] #55120500215

Final Video Production

King Mongkut and KMUTT – CBL [whale]


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